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How many suitcases?

Posted by Andrea Lewis

FIVE Busselton is now in full swing, with the ArtGeo Gallery the site of drop-in workshops for the community. Craig and Hiromi’s residency is three weeks in. The first couple of weeks have been slow going as it took a while for the Busselton community to become fully aware of the project and engage.

Suitcases headed for Busselton's ArtGeo GallerySuitcases headed for Busselton's ArtGeo Gallery

There has been a couple of publicity spreads in the Busselton Dunsborough Mail, as well as radio interviews, about FIVE Busselton and the ongoing workshops. That seemed to have made a difference in the number of people going through the ArtGeo Gallery doors as well as the meeting room that Craig and Matt have set as the ‘interview pad’.

Hiromi is working with suitcases as symbolic of travel and location, and what personal belongings means to us to us as we journey to and from 'home' exploring our sense of 'place'. She has been visiting schools and community groups, taking her unique way of working to different areas of Busselton. In late October, she visited Geographe Primary School and has been engaging ArtGeo volunteers and local artists to work with visitors to the sculptural workshops.

The community has donated more than 40 suitcases since the start of the workshops. However, they are flying out of the door as many people continue working on their suitcases at home after a creative session or two with Hiromi. Hence, a callout was made for more suitcases as more people are wanting to get involved.

So how many suitcases can you find in Busselton? Not enough. A hunt around in Perth last weekend eventuated in 32 suitcases packed onto the back of the DADAA ute and later transported by Busselton local artist Cassandra Gamble back to Busselton.

In the Ephemeral Arts project, Nicole Mickle is scouting outdoor spaces and materials to bring to life her project – which, after site-specific works are created, will also result in a photography exhibition of that work at the ArtGeo Gallery from 22 November to 1 December, 2013.

The FIVE Busselton team will also begin participating in the new ABC Open project called Mining Life. Mining Life is a national ABC Open project and it's the first issues-based project on ABC Open. It's an exciting opportunity for FIVE artists and participants to capture everyday moments that relate to different aspects of how we experience living in Western Australia, where the presence of mining activities colour the ways in which we live, the sights we see, the creativity of communities and the cultural life of towns.

With less than three weeks to go to our exhibition and celebration, we are sure the best is yet to come!

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