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Diary and letter writing: Art Magic

Posted by Hiromi Tango

Thank-you so much for your support of the launch on Saturday night. In spite of the rain and cold night, many local people came out, which shows the strong community art support. I am looking forward to working with the Busselton community over the next few weeks. 

Detail from Art Magic with Suitcases, Art Geo, Busselton, October 2013. Photography: Matthew CabreraDetail from Art Magic with Suitcases, Art Geo, Busselton, October 2013. Photography: Matthew Cabrera

I first migrated in Australia in 1998 to join my husband, whom I met in Japan. I had very few friends in Australia, and I was only 22. My husband Craig was busy with his art projects during the day, so I had many hours to fill with very few people to talk to, and because of the language barrier making friends wasn't easy. Journal keeping was always something I had done, but during this time I further extended mine to become a visual diary, and made it into an art project. I started to stick papers, photos and anything and everything that stimulated or caught my interest – such as drawings of people (usually from photos) and collections of maps and business cards from where I had visited. Over time, it became a big book. Once it was compiled I bound it and made a cover with hand stitched fabric and paper. Sixteen years later I still enjoy this process of collecting and connecting magical moments of everyday life, and share the handmade book with others. 

I would like to integrate this process into the community sculpture workshops for FIVE, and I will be working with participants using what I call the 'Art Magic' process over the next few weeks. Workshops run Thursday through Monday from 11am to 4pm at the ArtGeo Gallery.

Diary and letter writing is also a wonderful tool to organise your thoughts and emotions. You don't even have to show others what you have written – if you are not ready to share, you could put it into an envelope, bottle or box for safekeeping. Making an artwork as a 'safe emotional package' is a wonderful way to feel and heal. The information shared in this blog is the Art Magic recipe that I have developed naturally over the years, with the assistance of health professionals, who have recognised the importance of having a creative outlet as an essential part of wellbeing. I would like to share this creative workshop in Busselton and see how you enjoy the experience.

We are also calling for the donation of suitcases, and shiny and blue fabric for the project. Thank-you for your support!

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