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Posted by Craig Walsh

Great that so many people have been willing to drop in for a video portrait and discuss life in Busselton. I have been rearranging and changing the questions I ask in the interview as I become more informed by those who know and live here. The starting point has been questions based around 'belonging', which in turn has led to diverse responses to environment, compassion, empathy, tolerance and participation (amongst others). Once again, I feel privileged to gain access to a location through those who live here.


We now have quite a few interviews and are in the process of distilling all this content down to key statements. The objective is to create a collective portrait formed from many individual views. It is important that everyone who has been interviewed is represented in the piece and the hope is that these collective views will instigate discussion within the broader Busselton community. It is a small window into local perceptions.

Many of the interviews are with individuals who have also contributed to the suitcase workshops Hiromi has been hosting. I see a synergy forming between the physical artworks made in the workshop and the views expressed in the interviews.

I will utilise the digital portraits to enhance this synergy and create a projection work responsive to the suitcase installation in the gallery. I will also utilise the portraits in combination with digitally documented components of the suitcase installation to create a large-scale public projection; this public work will incorporate the suitcase artwork, community portraits and public space.

The work as it is forming addresses the complexity of co-existence through creativity and expression. I think it will instigate a sense of pride in the community but also raise important questions for a town currently undergoing much change.

Images included with this blog are from my initial work with FIVE Busselton.


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