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Whole-of-Community Sculpture

From the week of 19 October to 22 November 2013, performance and installation artist Hiromi Tango ran a series of drop-in workshops that engaged schools, youth groups and community organisations and the wider community in building a large-scale collective sculpture.

Overhead view of FIVE Busselton's community suitcase installationOverhead view of FIVE Busselton's community suitcase installation

The workshops explored the ideas of 'belonging' and 'place' and what they mean to the residents of the Busselton region. It worked with the icon of the 'suitcase' as a means of capturing experiences and items of personal importance, and to express the contrast between travel and the return home. The project was open to all members of the Busselton community.

When they visited ArtGeo Gallery, participants could bring items that they no longer needed, but which contained personal memory and history. If visitors arrived without bringing a personal item of importance, they participated nevertheless, contributing to the creation of suitcase installations. Clothing, personal objects, photos, drawings, text – or anything that related to the idea of 'home' and 'belongong' – were included by being collectively stitched and bound to create the sculpture.

Workshops were suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous art experience was required. Approximately 1500 people participated in FIVE Busselton.


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