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Sneak peek ... BELONGING Derby digital artwork

Posted by Craig Walsh

A test project of participant Lena Buckle in preparation for MarshArt events on 8, 9 and 10 October in DerbyA test project of participant Lena Buckle in preparation for MarshArt events on 8, 9 and 10 October in Derby

We have spent the last week projecting Lena Buckle onto different Boab trees and projecting portraits from the My Face, Our Place project onto a variety of trees in and around Derby. We now have all the content and the 8-minute film is in its final stages of editing. It is such a great way to experience the town and its people whilst working outdoors primarily at night is definitely the way to work in this climate.

The final work, titled BELONGING Derby, is not only a portrait of Lena but of the community that live here as well as the town itself. Whilst Lena provides the dialogue, the work links other community members – to the site and responds to how influential the environment is in defining who we are.

We will be showing the short video at the old Picture Gardens here in Derby. The theatre was completely overgrown and unused for some time. It has now been selectively cleaned up making it accessible but retaining areas where nature has reclaimed the space.

On each of the three nights of the MarshArt festival – the 8, 9 and 10 October – we will also exhibit a tree projection utilising the My Face, Our Place portraits, which were taken last year. Events begin at around 6pm every evening for MarshArt. As many of you know, the large Lizard Tail that has been created by the community over the past four weeks will also be displayed as part of the festivities.

It has been a real privilege to be able to work with people here and thank-you for all the support from Katie and Criss from Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre. A special thank-you to Lena Buckle who found time in her busy schedule to spend time with me and provide a great insight into the history of this land.

I hope you can join us to celebrate the outcomes of my and Hiromi's work here in Derby.


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