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Willy Wonka, holy bees and a very moving tiger snake

Posted by Trevor Flinn

Friday Morning, The Scottish Wing, Ned’s Corner

A shadow show will feature in Sunday night's eventA shadow show will feature in Sunday night's event

The third installment of Trevor’s on-farm blog in which he realises that everything is all coming together, that the Sunday evening event will involve a Willy Wonka style tour of the Woolshed, that some of the improvised constructions that will form part of a pseudo-art exhibition/Wonka tour might include a large number of holy bees, a moving tiger snake, and an amazing shadow show; and that the grand finale would involve some kind of pagan ritual focused around a large clay head representing Ned Bagot.

I awoke early determined to write a third installment of this blog, which, judging from all the comments and ‘likes’ that are starting to pour in, means you are all dying to hear how everything is coming along, and what on earth I’ve been doing in the last 24 hours. 

So in the following paragraphs I want to attempt to answer all your questions and provide you with further insight into the mystery that is the Esperance and district ‘Twig’ project.

First of all ‘The Scottish Wing’ – to which I refer at the beginning of my (now daily*) diatribe – is so called The Scottish Wing because it is entirely carpeted in tartan. (See picture in the gallery below).

Secondly the shadow puppets, as pictured to the right, were all made by the children from Munglinup School (even the horse!). I have photographic evidence to prove that either Ebony, Cassidy or Sarah (three horses were made and I’m uncertain whose horse belongs to whom) made the horse, but I am unable to reproduce it here due to my inability to get written consent from the girl’s parents.

And finally the ‘killer sheep’ to which I referred in the last blog entry, are just that. They have apparently been responsible for a number of vicious dog attacks in the area over the last couple of weeks. They are being temporarily housed in the Ned’s Corner shearing shed before being shipped to Sweden to help naturally manage the large wild wolf population that has grown to over 400 since the animal was reintroduced.

The sun is starting to rise so I won’t have much more time to devote to this blog. But I will quickly let you know what I’m planning to do today...

  1. Return to the Munglinup Primary school to fine-tune the shadow show, ahead of it’s world premier on Sunday inside the Ned’s Corner shearing shed.
  2. Continue to clean up and rearrange the shearing shed, including rolling out a bit of nice carpet and positioning a number of very special artworks.                                                                       
  3. Make a number of very special artworks including a holy bee board (the bees were each independently sourced from the St Paul’s, Mulingup), a very moving tiger snake (a rock attached to a hose and hung from the roof of the shed will move (pendulum like) if pushed).
  4. Continue work on Ned’s head using child labour (thanks Emma and Eadie!)
  5. Whack together a number of little videos to project at the woolshed to add a bit more sound, colour and movement. The crop duster yesterday ticked every box. I’m just glad I’m not powdery mildew, cause if I was I’d be well and truly nuked.   
  6. Eat more of Michelle’s delicious food! (see shot of warm moroccan-style chicken and couscous salad in the gallery below).

*I discovered last night from the FIVE facebook page that I am blogging 'daily'.

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So glad I thought to come over here to the blog. Have been following your journey on instagram - but terrific to have a few more words to add to the pictures! Your host family and community sound brilliant. :)


Thanks Trevor so much for the blogging. A wonderful way to follow your journey and to become swept up in your enthusiasm. Your hosts sound amazing and the photos of the countryside especially the!! Good luck for tonight, relax and enjoy the culmination with everyone.

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