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Celebration and thank-you to the City of Geraldton

Posted by Craig Walsh

Thank-you to Geraldton for turning out in numbers for the NEST community celebration. It was unfortunate that another downpour decided to fall as soon as we started the projections, but thanks again to those who stuck it out and experienced the installation. It was a trying period leading up to the event as we had to do all the installing and testing of the projection component on the Wednesday night in torrential rain. I am pleased we fought through this and were able to present on Thursday night given these trying conditions – it was almost impossible to install the work. A big thank-you to the council for all their support in the event. Also to Matt and the DADAA team for making it happen.

FIVE Geraldton, digital projection, NEST, Craig Walsh in collaboration with the City of Geraldton, 2014FIVE Geraldton, digital projection, NEST, Craig Walsh in collaboration with the City of Geraldton, 2014

I really appreciate the conversations I had with those people who spent time in the Wedge space and I gained satisfaction in the artwork's ability to connect with the audience (from the feedback I received). The artwork touched on important values and issues for people living in Geraldton and the presence of individuals willing to share their intimate views did instigate a dialogue with the audience. Belonging, home, resilience, isolation and life in regional locations are clearly important issues when exploring connection in the community.

The work is completely reliant on the contribution of individuals. We respond to the faith you all place in our ability to fuse your comments, your image, the environment you live in and the many forms of expression explored in Hiromi’s workshops. This faith is something we take very seriously and we recognise this as a great responsibility. The outcome was a multi-site, mixed media portrait of the community and ultimately a catalyst to instigate dialogue and connection with the broader public who didn’t have the opportunity to be directly involved in the project. I hope for those who experienced the work, you now understand how important your contribution was. For those yet to see the project, I hope at some stage we have the opportunity to restage it and discuss it further.

Whilst I am aware many of you didn’t get the chance to experience the work, documentation will be viewable on the FIVE website soon.

We had a great time in your city and thank-you for making us all feel so welcome.

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Loving the photos of Geraldton! Projections can turn dark uninviting evenings into something of an adventure. Beautiful images and artworks.

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