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In the Wedge

Posted by Craig Walsh

Day four in the Wedge building at the Western Australian Museum, Geraldton, and we have started to talk to the local community and record individual portraits. We are in the space from 10am to 4pm daily so please feel free to call in and have a chat about your place in the community and what it means to belong and care, as you share your perspective on what it is like to live in Geraldton. We hope to get 50 portraits by the end of next week to contribute to the digital artwork we are creating that will form a collective community portrait of Geraldton. The project is dependent on representing the broader community so your contribution is important.

FIVE Geraldton, filming of digital portraits by Craig Walsh (right) and Matt Cabrera (centre)FIVE Geraldton, filming of digital portraits by Craig Walsh (right) and Matt Cabrera (centre)

I always find it inspiring to find out about a place through the interviews I conduct and it is incredibly informative in gaining a greater perspective of life in Geraldton. From the twenty odd interviews I have conducted so far, the natural environment continues to play an essential role in most people's sense of belonging and state of wellbeing. Whether it be water activities, wildlife, sunsets over the ocean or the inland desert there is an overriding sense of privilege to live in this area. The announcement of the Oakajee Port and Rail project  has been on many people's mind this week and from those I have interviewed, there is great concern about  the impact this development may have on the natural environment they are so passionate about.

I have also spent time getting to know the Geraldton built environment better as I explore potential locations for the presentation of the final digital artwork. There are some exciting possibilities for large-scale projections and I am currently searching for a site that can accommodate a space for the community to express themselves. I am interested in taking the public to a space they may not have occupied or spent time in as a way of exploring the city.

Great to hear so many people have contributed to Hiromi’s workshops at ACDC and the artworks, statements and messages in bottles will also form an important component of the final digital artwork.

Look forward to getting to know you and the city better.


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