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Screening in Post Office Square

Posted by Craig Walsh

As we draw a close on the community portrait workshops, I'd like to thank everyone who participated. I realise having a conversation on camera can be daunting but this input and contribution is essential in gaining a broader community perspective.

Post Office Square will be the site of the three-channel projection for FIVE GeraldtonPost Office Square will be the site of the three-channel projection for FIVE Geraldton

There is something quite revealing about a conversation between someone who is foreign to the city and those who know so much about it. These interviews provide a privileged insight into individual thoughts whilst contributing to a broader perspective on important ideas surrounding 'belonging' in a way that is specific to Geraldton and its community.

Choosing a suitable site to screen the digital portraits is always something I look forward to when visiting a community and we now have confirmation of the site I was interested in using for the public installation on 8 May. The carpark beside Post Office Lane will be the site for the community celebration. I wanted to draw people to a site that they may not necessarily have spent time in whilst incorporating elements of the built environment as another layer of influence on our sense of belonging.

I have been drawn to thinking about 'nests' through the conversations I have had with individuals about the local Sea Osprey and how the community has assisted with their nesting habitats. Both Hiromi and I are excited by working in response to the function of nests as our projects involve broad community engagement in collecting, creating and finding forms of expression that will be bought together to form our own type of collective nest.

The site chosen works well spatially in relation to the form of the nest. The audience will be surrounded by three walls of projected artwork along with elements of the community sculpture Hiromi has been creating with all of you.

Now onto the editing and building of the digital artwork with all the content provided by the people of Geraldton.


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Andrew Outhwaite

Congratulations on what you convened and created, and showed last night. The stories, images and nests are an amazing co-created asset. Thanks for sharing your talents with Geraldton!

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